Jack Frerker

Since his retirement in 2000, Father Jack has moved from his native Southern Illinois to the Pacific Northwest. He now lives in Olympia WA, where he seriously pursues a life-long fascination with words, and spends a good deal of his time writing. HEAT is the first of his novels in print.

During a long hot summer HEAT in the fictional town of Algoma, a place where everyone knows everything about everyone, there is nonetheless a mysterious death which Father John Wintermann helps solve and brings spiritual healing to those affected by it.

The following Christmas, in Chicago for a funeral SOLSTICE, the priest explains yet another death and helps those close to the deceased find peace.

The next spring CONSPIRACY, drug related crimes and deaths threaten the peacefulness of Algoma. Father John helps to end the turmoil and is instrumental in the conversion of the perpetrator.

By mid-summer, Father John in search of his own peace of mind after the events a few months earlier goes to an Abbey in Washington state, where he encounters yet another mystery ... and grace, as well, in MONKSBANE.

The relationship between a priest and his bishop over three decades CONNECTIONS highlights the importance of human ties, especially in the lives of priests.

In this second non-mystery RECOLLECTIONS, a retired priest dictates his memoirs to a younger man. Over time, the story becomes almost a documentary. It's topical, realistically current and a compelling page-turner, especially for those interested in contemporary church issues.

In this fifth mystery CROSSWORDS, Algoma's Father John begins to receive notes in the form of crossword puzzle clues -- in time he realizes they spell out a threat on his life.

The newest book, COLORS, is a delightful romp through the world of colors for the child in all of us.

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