Joanne and Richard's
2002 Italy Vacation

Rome Day 1
Venice Day 1
Rome Day 2
Lake Castiglione
Venice Day 2 / Lido
Rome Day 3
Perugia Hotel
Venice Day 3
Rome Day 4
Venice Day 4
Rome Day 5
Venice Apartment
Rome Day 6
IL Colombaio (by Siena)
Giovanni's Home
Rome Apartment
Torino Day 1
Train to Florence
Torino Day 2
Florence Day 1
San Gimignano
Torino Day 2 Soccer
Florence Day 2
Torino Day 3 (Wine Country)
Florence Day 3
Torino Party at Bennati's
Florence Room
35 Panoramic Pictures
Last day in Torino
Pictures taken on film and scanned.
Venice | Venice in Black and white
Lake Maggiore | Torino | Perugia
Pisa to Lucca | Florence | San Gimignano
Roma | Assisi | Gubbio

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