Swanson's Wedding and Honeymoon
November 11-27, 2005

Nov. 11

Swanson's House

Family Party

Nov. 12

Merrill Photos (before)

Before the wedding

Steph Photos (before)

Ed Sharp's Photos

Wedding and party after wedding

Holeman Photos

Merrill Photos

Stephanie Photos

Swanson's Camera

Scanned from film


Sharon & Dick

Photos of Sharon and Dick

Sharon & Dick

Photos of Sharon and Dick (with slideshow option)

Nov. 14


Fun around Seattle

Nov. 17

San Diego

Site seeing and start of Cruise to Mexican Riviera on Ryndam

Nov. 19

Cabo San Lucas

Unplanned stop for a passenger with a medical problem.

Nov. 20


1st Port of call

Nov. 21


2nd Port of call

Divers in Acapulco

Nov. 22


3rd Port of call

Nov. 23

Puerto Vallarta

4th Port of call

Nov. 24


5th Port of call

Diver in Mazatlan

Nov. 25

Cabo San Lucas

6th Port of call

Nov. 27

San Diego

Site seeing before returning home

Plane trip home


Panoramic Photos

Panoramic photos from honeymoon

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